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JDoe is constantly grouping reports together that concern the same perpetrator. This is done algorithmically, without ever storing the reports in a form that we could access. When two or more users report the same perpetrator, they are given the option to contact a local law firm.


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Empathy driven reporting.
We understand that describing a past incident can be difficult. JDoe anonymizes all reports and leaves the choice to the user as to whether they wish to be contacted by a lawyer. While all information is indexed anonymously, JDoe is still able to make matches and identify mutual victims. As opportunities arise with lawyers and matches, our algorithm will automatically notify users. You have the choice in deciding to pursue a case.
All user information is end-to-end encrypted. This means once a report is filed, all indexing is done by our algorithm without any identifiable information. We adhere to the same security standards used by government entities and banks.
Map Vision.
See active maps of reports in Maps. We aim to provide users with the tools to understand and explore our data. Whether you are spending an evening out or learning about a new neighborhood, JDoe offers a new level of clarity about your surroundings.
With JDoe you can set geofencing alerts to notify you when you enter an incident dense area. JDoe's database of reports is updated constantly to help you stay safe.
JDoe maps help you find local resources such as law enforcement, support groups, medical services, and counseling.
By survivors for survivors.
For you
JDoe is designed with survivors and witnesses in mind. A detailed index of sexual misconduct laws by state is built directly into the app to help guide users through the reporting process.
Quickly browse for nearby resources and the latest policies concerning sexual misconduct. Heal tab highlights inspiring survival stories and awareness events. See what's being done and what you can do about sexual misconduct.

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See how lawyers use JDoe to develop cases ›