JDoe's Leadership.

Brenda Tracy
Public Relations and Communications
Brenda Tracy is JDoe's Public Relations and Communications Director. She is a rape survivor and prominent citizen lobbyist with over 500,000 supporters on Change.org for initiatives relating to sexual violence. She currently serves on the NCAA's Commission to Combat Campus Sexual Violence and recently launched the "Set the Expectation" campaign to combat sexual violence on college campuses.
Elissa Shevinsky
Elissa Shevinsky is a serial entrepreneur and editor of “Lean Out: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Tech and Startup Culture.” Shevinsky has an extensive background in cybersecurity for startups, including recent work building companies like Glimpse (end to end encryption) and Brave (privacy browser).
Reuven Etzion
Head Security Engineer
Reuven Etzion is a full-stack developer with an affinity for React, React Native, and NodeJS. Reuven is experienced in building scalable software and apps which rely on advanced encryption and data management in order to protect sensitive user data.
Chris Dock
Head Engineer
Chris Dock is JDoe's Head Engineer. Prior to joining JDoe in 2017, Chris earned a Bachelor's in both Physics and Mathematics with honors from University of California, Berkeley. Chris is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Applied Math and Statistics at the University of Maryland. Chris recently published a paper in European Physical Letters on Chaos Theory.
Ben Stevens
Sr. Full-Stack Engineer
Ben is JDoe’s Senior Full-Stack Engineer. Prior to joining JDoe in 2018, Ben earned his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Cornell University and worked at Fountain (formerly OnboardIQ). Ben is pursuing his Masters of Professional Studies in Information Science at Cornell University. Ben has deep knowledge and expertise building scalable technologies for diverse communities.
Zane Liu
Head Designer
Zane Liu is JDoe's Head Designer. Zane holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. With a focus on sustainable and human-centered design, Zane is pursuing a Master of Science in Transportation Systems and Design at ArtCenter School of Design. Previously, Zane worked as an advanced battery modeling researcher at the Energy, Controls, and Applications Lab.
Ryan Soscia
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Soscia is the founder and CEO of JDoe. Prior to creating JDoe in 2015, Ryan worked as a researcher at the Neuroscience Information Framework Lab and as Special Projects Manager with the TEAM Group — a venture capital firm whose focus is on startups. Ryan is a Fellow of the Startup Leadership Program and pursued a Bachelor's in Computer Science at University of California, San Diego.