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JDoe collaborates with educational institutions to enhance reporting rates and systematically pinpoint recurring misconduct instances, all while promoting a culture of responsibility, openness, and confidence.

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Meet JDoe.
JDoe stands out as the forefront solution in anonymous reporting and information escrow software, tailored specifically for educational institutions. It prioritizes the needs of victims and is intricately designed to address the hesitations associated with reporting various forms of misconduct. JDoe proves to be highly effective in boosting reporting rates. With its innovative information escrow system, educational organizations can effortlessly broaden their scope, capturing more reports of misconduct that might have previously gone unreported. Moreover, JDoe expedites the identification of repeat offenders significantly faster than traditional methods. By utilizing JDoe, institutions can unequivocally communicate a "zero tolerance" stance on misconduct, serving as a robust deterrent against a wide array of transgressions, from sexual harassment to fraud and beyond.
Our initiative.
For over a decade, JDoe has been dedicated to developing software specifically aimed at elevating reporting rates within educational settings. Our cutting-edge anonymous reporting platform revolutionizes the reporting process through a two-pronged technological approach. This approach not only simplifies reporting but also guarantees the anonymity of both victims and witnesses, providing organizations with a comprehensive real-time understanding of their ethical landscape. With a strong emphasis on security and user accessibility, our goal is to significantly enhance reporting rates. Behind the scenes, JDoe's platform identifies repeat offenders and empowers students to confidentially share their reports, a feat that may have been unattainable through traditional reporting channels due to underreporting. For institutions seeking to enhance their internal reporting mechanisms, JDoe offers an innovative and aspirational solution.
Reports and Cases.
Educational institutions collaborating with JDoe gain exclusive access to a secure application and web platform. JDoe's innovative anonymous reporting and information escrow system stand out as the most reliable reporting mechanism for your faculty and staff. As reporting rates surge, our system swiftly identifies repeat offenders, accelerating the resolution process. Users who previously hesitated to share their reports internally are now empowered to do so. Moreover, organizations can harness the power of information escrow as a novel approach to handling misconduct reports, ensuring communal benefit even if individuals opt for anonymity or feel hesitant about internal reporting.
Maps and Metrics.
Maps provides an overview of where incidents took place geographically and a heat map of reported incidents. Metrics provides an overview of reports and active cases, notifications, encrypted messages, and more.
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